Mystery of Energy Transmutation

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The vital importance of connecting consciousness, love and sex. If you’re able to connect these elements, you can experience a powerful and miraculous transformation that will make you reborn with more charisma and magnetism than ever before!
How to empower your professional and entrepreneurial skills and gain a massive boost in your motivation and success at work.
How closely spiritual ecstasy and sexual bliss are connected and how this energy can be harnessed to open your third eye so you become psychic beyond imagination.
The solution to find five places where you’re leaking your sexual energy away (no one else will tell you this).
The huge opportunity just waiting for you so you can change your world and transform your life into something beautiful.
The single BIGGEST mistake that most people make with their sexual energy and sex life that can cause silent harm to your health, your relationships, your career and even your bank account (I show you how to avoid this).
How to attract the perfect soul mate and to keep her/him for their rest of your life! Basically, this is for every person in this world who truly wants to succeed!!
How your sex life can define your relationships - both are mutually connected, and one can’t exist without the other.
The effective way to harness and transmute your inner sexual energy and to transform it into the things that you most desire.
What is the definition of a FULL body orgasm, the real way to achieve it in a short period of time, and why they’re critical in your daily life (this is something that only a few insiders know).

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Some people think that sex is plain simple. But those who think this usually don’t have any idea  that sex is *MORE* powerful than that. Did you know that sexual energy can create you WEALTH also?

Dr Lisa Turner brings grounded science to the often taboo subject of sex

Dr Lisa TurnerDr Lisa Turner, founder of Psycademy, is a certified trainer of Tantra, Hypnosis, NLP, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy, as well a Psychic, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master. She holds a PhD in Science and is a true professional in various therapeutic and healing modalities.

Lisa has been involved in, and studying, personal spiritual development and internal energy for about 20 years. Thus, she is a qualified professional who walks the talk. She prides herself on bringing grounded science to this subject, so be prepared. You are entering a No Fluff Zone!

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Please note: this teleseminar will include adult content which Lisa will treat in a way that is honouring and respectful whilst keeping the topic light hearted.

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